Tuesday, October 11, 2016


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Blackhawks wrapped up their preseason schedule on Saturday night, loaded with a young lineup include the St. Louis Blues 2-1. The regular season is just at the door.

But before they open again on Wednesday against the Blues, the Chicago Blackhawks Jersey have some difficult decisions to make. Which remains? Who's going? And when the decisions are made, how things line up (and pairs) going on Wednesday?

The coach Joel Quenneville told to travel to the media before Saturday's game, the final list should be made on Monday; all NHL rosters are finalized four p.m. CT on Tuesday. So, as it looks like we have a couple of hours before we know the answers to the Blackhawks, let's look at five questions going to the opening of the season.

1. What prospect to make an impact first? Tyler Motte looks like he is ready for this show. Forward has been the large size of the camp, it is a 5 vs. 5 or penalty kill. He had a lot of work on the latter while the University of Michigan, and it shows. Working with Marcus Kruger is to kill does not hurt either. If Motte suitable configuration is a guess now - Blackhawks left most of the veterans in their preseason finale on Saturday. We should get the first look Monday, when the Blackhawks return to practice. But preseason games, where he was put in the lineup, Motte played well. Several prospects were good in the camps, but Motte stood out from the beginning.

2. Can Alexandre Fortin stay Blackhawks this season? You would not have thought so, when the 19-year-old first signed at the start of a three-year contract in September, and it's not a knock on him. Teams just have to think long and hard about the burning of the first year of the player's entry-level deal. But as Fortin camp has progressed, the Blackhawks' good understanding of him has grown. Asked earlier this week, when the Blackhawks could use a 10-game option Fortin coach Joel Quenneville said, "yes, we can." Let's see how this plays out. As previously written, Brandon Saad wowed out of the camp in 2011, was so-so in his first two regular-season games and then sent back to Saginaw. If Fortin is a great help immediately, he will. If not, Fortin goes back to his junior team a few games. Either way , it's pretty nice "dilemma" is.

3. Will the World end up being useful for those who played it? Blackhawks with a bunch of guys playing in the tournament the last of them (Jonathan Toews, Marian Hossa and Corey Crawford) return at the end of last week. Of the three, Crawford is the only one who saw any preseason games for the Blackhawks - he practiced a lot, but only played in one and a half games for Team Canada. Work on these actions, the World Cup would be the best training camp of those players were. It contains a defenseman Michal Kempny, who got his first taste of a major ice hockey smaller. Great competition and games that meant something in September two interests of the players coming off an unusually long offseason.

4. Duncan Keith are good to go? Keith was disappointed to jump World Cup to ensure his surgically repaired right knee was ready for the season, but it's looking like he made the right choice. Keep Keith off the ice, especially early, was probably the most difficult task for the Blackhawks' coaches -. Hurt, healthy, she wants to be there but it was the best move Keith, who looked good in one preseason game he played last week Will there be some rust Possibly But.?. in terms of health, Keith said the following last Tuesday's game, "I'm happy with the way it is, I'm excited about how it was [going to], and I think it is a good move forward."

5. How long does Patrick Kane and Artemi Panarin Jersey stay apart? As long as Panarin-Toews, Jonathan combination works. For the first time, the top line of fighting, or Blackhawks do not get what they want out of this well-balanced lineup, the familiar second row will be back together. You will also see that the trio (Kane, Panarin and Artem Anisimov) together with Power Play, so the combination does not completely disappear. Again, Kane and breaking up Panarin been a popular choice; two clicked nicely. If the Blackhawks clack, they unite.

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