Saturday, September 24, 2016

NHL’s Chicago Blackhawks Give Umphrey’s McGee A Shoutout While Painting Logo On Their Home Ice

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On 12 October the National Hockey League will begin its 100th season of operation. Since the new season approaches, teams prepare its equipment for a game. Earlier this week, Chicago Blackhawks worked to re-paint the lines and logos on their home ice, the United Center with help from defender Trevor van Riemsdyk, the process of posting photos on Facebook.

However, as the photos show that Chicago Blackhawks were the only institutions featured in the freshly painted floor.

Its contribution Blackhawks' team was a photo with the logo of the middle of the painting process. Initially, you may think that this movie was just part of the show in progress, but if you take a closer look at the yellow feather headdress on a mascot, you can see the words "UMPH love" - ​​a nod to the beloved Chicago prog-jam outfit Umphrey McGee.

As you can see in the video painting session on the website of the NHL, the feathers were eventually filled, hiding Umphrey's shoutout. While words can now be covered, the hometown fans the team and the group know that it's still there, beneath the ice. Now more than ever, "Umph love" runs deep at the United Center.

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